The boom in creativity, arts and culture and the rapid development of technology in recent years have made it possible for everyone to become a creator. Creation is so popular in this age that intellectual property is a matter of great concern to everyone of us. The Intellectual Property Department (IPD) is organising a video competition entitled “Creativity.Future” in 2016-2017 to promote the importance of intellectual property rights (IPRs) among youngsters and the general public.

Participants are expected to gain a better understanding of IPRs in the process of filming, showcase their creativity in the context of everyday life and promote respect for IPRs with video images, thereby enhancing public awareness of IPRs.

About the Theme:

As implied in the theme “Creativity.Future”, the competition invites all of us in Hong Kong to consider these questions: Should we choose to protect IPRs or turn a blind eye to the blatant infringement of such rights? How do IPRs, an intangible asset, help protect the fruits of a creator’s hard work? With the existence of IPRs, what kind of creative space will be cultivated for our active engagement in the development of creative arts? Should we fail to preserve such rights, what will happen to the prospects for creativity in Hong Kong? With imagination and creativity, you are in a position to tell us what our future will look like.

The Choices You Make Today Create Our Future!
Apply Now (Application Deadline: 18 February 2017)


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